Hack League

Coding Battle – WebVR

10th October 2016

In partnership with

MIC Brussels
VR Lab Brussels


  • Start with first challenge at this URL
  • Follow the instructions
  • Go as far as you can
  • Feel free to use cardboards/VIVE/OCULUS:
    1. In JSbin, hit the expand arrow on the top right corner of the output window
    2. Then click on the cardboard icon on the bottom right corner to enable the VR view


A-frame website: https://aframe.io/

A-frame docs: https://aframe.io/docs/0.3.0/introduction/

Live competition Status Board: http://vrlab-brussels.info/wiki/HackLeague/Status

Feedback form: https://maxcz.typeform.com/to/esZAkp

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