The first Coding Battle of the autumn season

This first Coding Battle has been organized in partnership with Microsoft. The theme? Browser Wars: hacking on Edge extensions.

Browsers are what made JavaScript come to life. It’s what made it grow. And it’s still what made it evolve to the most popular programming language that it is today.

No doubt, browsers are a big deal.


Microsoft was lagging behind for years with their Internet Explorer. They invested heavily to build a new performant and attractive browser that would help them win back the developers’ trust: EDGE. And actually, they did a pretty good job at it.

To pick a browser, you’ll pay attention at its speed, performances, design but also.. extensions.
Extensions are in fact one of the feature that is most sought for when choosing a browser.

That’s why we thought it’d be nice to organize a Coding Battle around it.

Microsoft has some good documentation and videos around Edge’s extensions. For more video on Edge, here’s a full list of the Edge summit.

How it happened

After Nick Trogh’s intro on Edge Extensions to help participants get started, the competition began!


Participants had 2.5 hours to complete a maximum of the given goals. Impressive enough, two of the teams were able to complete most of them.

In the end it’s Maxim & Xavier, two students(!!), who managed to deliver the best solutions in that limited amount of time. After explaining their code to the other participants, they received their well-deserved prize: 2 gift cards of 40€ each.


Experience sharing

Also interested to see how they did it? Here’s a link to their code and the explanations for it.

Want to see more pictures of the event? It’s over here.