Amsterdam has a booming startup ecosystem.

With companies like, Adyen, Catawiki, PICNIC leading the way, Amsterdam has been able to attract tech talents from all over the world to fuel its growth.

And the city is not resting on its laurels and its beautiful canals.

Amsterdam invests heavily in its ecosystem and launched public initiatives like Startup Amsterdam to support it.

Canals of Amsterdam

No doubt we wanted to meet and mingle with Amsterdam’s passionate developers and invite them to be part of Hack League’s community.

Working with Amazon

For this first Coding Battle, we had to pleasure to team up with one of the most innovative tech companies in the world, Amazon.

After several discussions and brainstorming sessions with their team, we eventually came up with a fun and insightful Coding Battle topic: Chatbots!

Participants would have to use some of AWS’ latest functionalities (Lex & Lambda functions) to make their bots smarter using NLU (natural Language Understanding).

The goal of the battle? Create a movie adviser chatbot. Step by step, participants would make it smarter.
Ultimately, the chatbot would be able to advise you with the best movie to watch. It would take into account the genre you’re in the mood for and the movies that you have already seen. Smart bot!

Participants at Coding Battle in Amsterdam

A final round

For the two best teams, an extra step was awaiting them in the final round: What if I make a typo when chatting with the bot?

The two teams in final could have the help of the rest of the participants for 3 minutes to discuss potential strategies to solve that issue.
After the 3 minutes, each team had 10 minutes to code the solution.

Cherry on the cake: each team had to live code their solutions so that others could see how they were implementing it.

Final 1st Coding Battle in Amsterdam

Eventually, it’s the instant team that managed to get the best solution in the required time. Congrats to them!

A great first encounter with Amsterdam’s dev ecosystem

This first Coding Battle in Amsterdam was just great.

Awesome place – thanks @TQ team for that – passionate and talented developers, great vibes.

Feedback from participants were also very positive and encouraging. Participants rated the Coding Battle at 4.1/5 (“How much did you like the Coding Battle”) and gave a 84% likeliness to recommend future Coding Battles to friends.

Testimonials 1st Coding Battle in Amsterdam

The pool of innovative companies and its qualitative tech ecosystem makes Amsterdam a great city to be in.
It’s definitely a location where a growing number of Coding Battles will take place!

Next Coding Battle: Brussels with the Coding Battle A Universe of AI

Next new city: Berlin. Another booming startup ecosystem in EU with super interesting people and startups.