Give passionate developers hands-on experiences with your product

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It’s all about experiences

Tech goes fast. Competition is fierce. New comers can disrupt the market at anytime. Just look at Snapchat, Docker or Ethereum foundation.

New tech products pop up everyday (e.g. 70+ on Product Hunt).

Your solution just becomes one among many. Reaching critical adoption rate for your products becomes insanely difficult.

It's all about experiences

Just do it the right way

Just do it the right way

Engage with tech communities – differently.

Give them a memorable hands-on experience with your product.
Let them experience what makes it unique.

With the Hack League, you get a direct and targeted access to communities of passionate developers in a fun and enlightening context.

What’s in it for you?

Let developers experience your product

Get direct feedback on your product

Engage with communities of tech talents

See how developers use your product

Get a brand loved by techies

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