Hack League

Code of Conduct

Why a code of conduct?

Diversity in people & ideas is a tremendous source of learning, creativity and self development. It can also bring complication in communication as people have different backgrounds. The same interaction can lead to numerous interpretations: some will enjoy it, others won’t. That can become a burden when not kept in mind. We invite each members to help us create together a positive experience for everyone.

We are dedicated to providing a welcoming, friendly, secure and inclusive environment with regard to (but not limited to) ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability and physical appearance.

Applied when, where and to whom?

This code of conduct needs to be agreed upon and acted accordingly by guests, attendees, sponsors, associates and especially organisers and participants (such as speakers). Offline, it applies to community activities but also to associated social events. Online, it applies to our inner community forums and to social medias.

Please do

Take care of each other, empower each other. Be helpful, kind, considerate, friendly, civic, empathic and patient, both in speech and actions. It is possible to be direct and make your point while still being mindful of other people around you.
You can’t expect to agree with everybody. In these situation, let’s promote collaboration over conflict and have constructive disagreement. It’s an occasion to understand different perspectives.

Just don’t

Don’t cause prejudice or harm, be offensive, demean, insult, intimidate, put down people or groups, would that be in behaviour or speech. This includes stalking, sustained following or disruption, unwelcomed photographing or recording, inappropriate physical contact of people or their personal effects.
Don’t create a sexualised environment, would that be by using sexual images in public spaces or through unwelcome sexual attention.
Last, don’t advocate for or encourage any of the above.

If you feel harassed or see harassment

You can contact one of the organiser, would that be in person, over the phone or online. Contact information are provided below. We’re here to assist you, escort you to a safe place or call venue security or the police if needed.

If you harass

When told about one’s harassing behaviour, one should stop immediately. When deemed appropriate (at the discretion of the organizers), sanctions can range from temporary ban to the expelling from an event, our online forums, the community itself, or even taking lawful actions.
If you think you’ve been wrongfully accused, be sure to notify an organizer.

Our contact infos

Email: max[at]hackleague.io

Twitter: @maxczet

Phone: +32 (0)489.381.072