Code4Good, the second time and not the last

After organizing 12 Coding Battles, this was only the second time that we had the chance to work on a “Code for Good” theme. It won’t be the last.

The first time it we played with Google Maps API and the list of defibrillators in Belgium to create an app that would locate the closest to […]

December 23rd, 2016|API, Coding Battle, Hack League, IoT|

A sweet blend of Cognitive Services, AI and bluff

The last Coding Battle of the autumn season

The Hack League season that started off in October has reached its end with this last Coding Battle that took place at Microsoft.

For this event, we wanted something that was in line with all the feedback that we managed to gather since the beginning of the Hack […]

December 2nd, 2016|API, Autumn 2016, Coding Battle, Cognitive Services, Hack League|