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01_ The Partner

Take Eat Easy is a food-tech startup. It connects fresh and popular restaurants, passionate bike couriers and food-loving customers.

With this restaurant-to-door solution, it enables restaurant to increase their revenue per square meter.

Their unique dispatching algorithm allows the company to deliver meals in as little as 17 minutes.

Disclaimer: In mid 2016, Take Eat Easy had to close its door. Considering the crowded competitive landscape, their investors decided to stop injecting money in the company. As a result, the company had to close down.

Take Eat Easy biker

02_ The Challenge

As a fast growing food tech company, Take Eat Easy has a substantial recruitment need for IT profiles.

Even if their brand is well-known among foodies all over Europe, it’s not especially the case among developers.

Some of them might have heard about it or even ordered food through them. But they probably don’t know the kind of project they are working on, the technology stacks and tools that they’re using. And most importantly, how cool and knowledgeable the tech team is.

The goal for the Hack League team?

Enable Take Eat Easy to provide hands-on insights on current project, increase brand awareness, position itself among the tech community as an attractive company to work for, spot and attract talents.

03_ The Approach

Developers seek enjoyable and interesting experiences.

Getting 15 calls per week (and even during weekends) from recruiters that understand nothing about programming is definitely not.

We worked together with Take Eat Easy to create a fun a thrilling game that would give the participants a taste of what it would be to work with them.

Thanks to this Coding Battle, they were able to illustrate the kind of project they are working on and the technologies that they are using.

Further, the Coding Battle took place in their office. It was the perfect way to show their work environment (which is definitely worth taking a look), to get them to interact with Take Eat Easy’s team and show how knowledgeable their tech team is.

Take Eat Easy's office

What was delivered?

35 developers came to participate to Take Eat Easy’s Coding Battle.
Among them, 6% were students, 23% had 0-3 years of experience and 71% had more than 3 years of experience.

Take Eat Easy's office - top view

Here are the key action points that the Hack League team delivered.

  • Publicity of the event among Hack League’s community
  • Co-creation of the game with Take Eat Easy
  • Counseling on how to build the game (they chose to develop it themselves – see below)
  • Setting up the event’s format and structure
  • Animation of the event
  • Live streaming of the event
  • Counseling on how to make your company appealing to developers and leave them with an outstanding experience

What was needed from Take Eat Easy?

To be able to position themselves among communities of developers as an exciting company to work for, Take Eat Easy agreed to open up.

They agreed to invite people in their work environment, give them a feel of the atmosphere and more importantly, give them a fun hands-on experience with the kind of work and technologies they are using.

Map of the game used for Take Eat Easy's Coding Battle

map used for the Coding Battle

In a nutshell, here are the key actions that were needed from Take Eat Easy:

  • Discussion to agree on the challenge/game
  • Discussion on the game and its rules, the structure of the Coding Battle
  • Creation server side of the game and the client’s boiler plate with a basic AI player for participants to start off their project
  • Provide the location, food and drinks
  • Have at least one person attending the Coding Battle

04_ The Result

With this Coding Battle, Take Eat Easy was able to engage and interact with more than 40 passionate developers.

They got to show them what they are working on, share ideas and discuss the solution that the teams came up with.

The feedback from the participants were full of praise for both Hack League and Take Eat Easy.

They loved the game, the efforts that have been put in it and some even wanted to go further with it.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that participants agreed to say that they now have a very positive image of the company.
No doubt thus that the positive ripples that it will create will help Take Eat Easy to attract tech talents in the near future.

“Great Coding battle! Thank You.” Gregoire V.

“Awesome. Best one I attended so far” Bouba S.

“Super Cool. Too bad we couldn’t continue to play”. Denis S.

If you’re interested in a longer testimonial, here is Kalin’s experience sharing on the Coding Battle.

On Take Eat Easy’s side, its CTO – Jean-Christophe Libbrecht, summarizes nicely Take Eat Easy’s feeling after the Coding Battle:

“We got our team to mingle with other passionate devs, show them our work environment and have fun with them. Truly a great experience for us, for our team and to get our brand known among developers. It’s definitely something that we’d like to replicate in the future. “

Jean-Christophe Libbrecht explaining the game's principle

In the middle, Jean-Christophe Libbrecht – CTO of Take Eat Easy, coaching participants during the game

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