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01_ The Partner

Enco is a brand new internal startup to Proximus (previously known as Belgacom), the largest telecom operator in Belgium.

They aim to enable digital entrepreneurs and developers to imagine and build innovative solution with the latest technologies that they provide.

To do that, Enco has built a powerful API toolbox and an API marketplace that developers can use and enrich with their own APIs. The APIs cover a broad spectrum of technologies including IoT, Cloud, Big Data and, of course, Telco technologies.

Enco's office

02_ The Challenge

Enco recently launched its API marketplace: Enco Market. Its success will rely heavily on its community, as they will need them to feed and improve the content of its marketplace.

Developers are crawling under the new products and solutions on the market. If they don’t see a value or an interest, they won’t spend time trying out Enco Market.

Even if it can rely on Proximus’ image, Enco is still a newcomer.
Therefore, it needs to increase its visibility, attract users and retain them by proving its usefulness.

With their first users, Enco will be able to answer those crucial questions:

  • How easy is it to get started with Enco Market?
  • How fast can you build something with it?
  • Which added does it bring?
  • Are the available APIs interesting enough?

But getting those early adopters is never an easy task…

The goal for the Hack League team?

Give developers a hands-on experience with Enco’s marketplace. And more specifically:

  • Showcase the type of meaningful apps developers could build with it
  • Provide Enco with participants’ feedback
  • Increase Enco’s visibility among developers

03_ The Approach

Using a new tool is often tricky. It takes time and effort to get going with it, and you don’t always know how to use its full potential.

Organizing a Coding Battle with Enco around their marketplace was a great way to get round that.

Participants had goals that they would have to reach by using Enco. Through them, they directly saw and experienced some of the benefits of using Enco.

The support from Enco experts was also key to enable participants to get started quickly, reduce friction with the platform and leave them with a good impression.

Oli at Enco

What was delivered?

We created a game for Enco that fit both their requirements (societal values – Code for Good, involving IoT) and the results they were seeking.

The Coding Battle was split into two parts.

The first one consisted in connecting your device (RaspberryPi3, Wipy or your own device), sending and retrieving data to Enco Marketplace.

The second part was about exploiting those data together with the IoT devices. The teams had to build the “health robot of the future”.

Concretely, they got dataset (blood pressure, temperature, heart rate…) from a number of ill patients. They had a number of possible treatments they could use.
The data evolved in function of the treatment that they administered.

In the end, their goal was to build the Artificial Intelligence that would cure their patients in the best possible way.

Conding Battle in progress at Enco

Here are the key actions that were delivered:

  • Publicity of the event among Hack League’s community
  • Creation of the game
  • Counseling on how to give the best possible experience to participants
  • Setting up the event’s format and structure
  • Animation of the event
  • Create, gather and analyze participants’ feedback

What was needed from Enco?

On Enco’s side, the key actions that were need are the following

  • A discussion to agree on the theme (Code for Good, IoT, API of Enco Marketplace)
  • A discussion to explain the concept and give feedback on the game that the Hack League team came up with
  • Have at experts attending the Coding Battle to coach participants that would require help with the Emotion API
  • Provide IoT devices (Raspberry Pis 3 and Wipys)
  • Provide the location with tables, chairs and projectors. Take care of the food and drinks for participants

04_ The Result

Enco works like a startup. They strive to move fast, break things, learn from it and iterate. But in their case if they want to break things and learn from that, they need users.

They need early adopters who will take the time to experience their product, give feedback and spread the good word about it around them.

Working with Hack League and organizing their Coding Battle gave them exactly that.

More than 35 people took part to the Coding Battle. They were pleased to see Enco’s work environment and the effort they made to welcome them. The comments speak for themselves:

“Thanks a lot for organizing this Coding Battle. As always, the challenge is very well prepared and really fun. Congratulations.” – Jonathan D.

“Really enjoyed to see Enco’s work environment. Thanks a lot for providing all this (IoT device, food, drinks). Had a great time.” – Axel B.

“Great #HackLeague yesterday! Our well-meaning but hacky “robo-doctor” script ranked 1st of all teams. ” – Dries O.

And participants were not the only one to like it. The stats, feedback and discussion with participants provided Enco’s team with precious actionable insights.

“The Coding Battle was well-organized and fun. We had a great time.

We got to interact and help the participants make the most of .

All the discussions with the participants during the event and the feedback report that Hack League’s team gave us really helped to identify critical improvements on user experience.”

Valentin Bouttiau, Community Manager & Evangelist @Proximus EnCo

Coding Battle at Enco

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