Our Mission:

Foster great recruiting experience for coders

About Us

At Hack League we strive to inspire developers to find companies and jobs that excites them.

The tech industry is expanding at an incredible pace. It is crowded with amazing opportunities. It’s just not easy to find them.

On top of that, the current tech recruitment process and the number of people missing technical sensitivity refrain developers from looking out for new opportunities.

With Hack League we decided to do something about it. We’re bringing a new transparent approach to tech recruitment.

We organize live code competitions (Coding Battles) and created a web platform where developers get to discover exciting companies.

Developers get an inside view on the companies’ work, life, products and technical challenges. To apply, they take on the company’s challenge – a way for them to already have a hands-on idea of what they’ll be doing if they were to join.

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Our Values

Be Transparent


Be open. Let people know what to expect. It’s the best way to inspire great people to work with you and build relationship that last.


Have fun

Greatest things come out of passion. Doing something you enjoy will only result in greater motivation and greater results.


Do it

Best learning experiences come from doing and trying things yourself. Challenge yourself. Keep on learning.

Meet Our Team

Hack League


Co-founder & CEO

Culture curious, tech passionate & sport enthusiast. Love to turn problems into opportunities.

Hack League


Co-founder & CTO

Passionate developer & software craftsman. Love challenging my brain and solving puzzles.

Hack League


Community Manager

Jack of all trades, award winning digital artist, urban explorer. My aim: needing the least, desiring the most.

Hack League


Business Developer

Innovation & tech passionate & part-time chef. Always hungry for new knowledge.

Hack League


Digital Marketing Manager

Digital designer, fashion fanatic & aesthetic thinker. Always put my soul and creativity into my work

Hack League


Digital Marketing Assistant

Food lover & nature admirer. Always in the lookout for challenges.

Hack League


Back End Developer

Passionate about technologies, beers and Chocolate. Definitely Belgian…

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